Towards a Cognitive Browser for OOPS 

Green, T. R. G. Gilmore, D. J. Blumenthal, B. B. Davies, S. & Winder, R. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 1992 v.4 n.1 p.1-34

Summary: Software engineers have developed sophisticated "object-oriented" programming environments that are intended to make the reuse of program code easy. Experience has shown that these environments can be improved: Even very experienced programmers have problems in locating and comprehending code for reuse. Programs cannot be modified as readily as had been anticipated. We describe the problems in terms of "cognitive dimensions" of notational systems and show how improved support for opportunistic design may be achieved. A central tenet is that programmers are not at present able to externalize enough of their knowledge about a program. We propose a scheme for attaching a "description level" in which arbitrary attributes and relationships can be recorded in a "browsable" form. Our conclusions stress improving the means for programmers to represent facts rather than the provision of predefined knowledge bases.

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